Bees and Honey and more shows!!!!


A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the legendary Seattle band Mudhoney. It was an amazing experience and want to thank Mark Curdo from WCYY for putting on the show, the Asylum for hosting it, and of course Murcielago and Mudhoney for playing with us. Here’s a pic of Boo and Ed with Mark Arm, in all his glory:

beesandhoneyWe also have a couple shows coming up in August, so get out and see us!:

August 7, Genos, Portland, with Vinyl Cape and the Seasonal Disorders

August 28, House of Music and Events, Portland, with Pigboat and Rigor Samsa

Noyous Joël is this Saturday!!!

We’ve been practicing a lot for this one!

This Saturday we’ll be playing a Christmas show at Bayside Bowl with The English Muffins and we’ll be doing a complete set of 80’s pop songs for the Frannie Peabody Center. Yes, pop songs. A $5 donation will get you in.

In case you like to learn about shows in comic form, the English Muffins have you covered:


The Facebook event is here. See everyone there!

Breaking Bees News!!!!

So we’ve got some good news to report! We’re still doing video shoot for our song “Troma Institute of Technology” on October 21st at Genos Rock Club. You get to wear a costume and have a great time. We’ll be playing a full set of tunes after the shoot, and it’s completely FREE!!! Facebook event here for more info.

We’ve also got some bad news to report! We thought that Lloyd Kaufman would be able to make it to film the thing in person, but he’s been called away to do a big shoot for Youtube and won’t be able to make it. To hear the whole thing, watch Boo and Tristan explain it:

To learn the new song, go to our secret bandcamp page here to listen and download it:

10 Year Anniversary Show!

In May of 2004 we played our first show ever. It was at Geno’s in Portland with a band we share a bass player with called Pigboat. Here’s the proof:

10 years later, in May of 2014, it’s simply amazing that both bands are still together. We’re going to celebrate by having a show on 5/10, again at Genos:


Join the Facebook event here. We hope you can make it. It’s going to be an amazing time!