It all started in 2003 when Boo (on the mic) asked Doug (playing guitar) to help him write a no-bullshit hardcore demo. Boo had written a notebook full of lyrics, but wanted to write some music before he put a band together. Boo had seen Doug’s band Confusatron play a couple of times and he just knew that this guy could write punk rock songs in his sleep. So, when Boo asked Doug if he wanted to write some songs, much to Boo’s surprise, he did.

Their mutual friend Tristan (on drums) shared a practice space with Doug and played in Boo’s last band. He had expressed interest in playing some fast punk and was recruited for the recording. It was around that point in time that Covered in Bees stopped being a demo project and became something more. They were no longer writing songs for a kick-ass future band – they were already that badass band. Boo says “these were not the songs I had originally heard in my head, they were way better, so much better.” Doug’s brother Ed (playing bass) was brought into the fold and the lineup was complete.

The goal of this band was pretty simple – write songs that we all actually want to hear. Play real hard. Have a lot of fun. Make sure that anything we do is amazingly fresh, absolutely spectacular, and entirely from our hearts and guts.

Over the next 7 years, we played in and around Maine a lot. We did countless shows at Geno’s in Portland, appeared on a Soundtrack for Troma Entertainment in 2006, played on a big stage at WCYY‘s Rave and Rage show in 2008, and won a total of 5 awards in the Portland Phoenix Best Music Poll (Best Punk Act 2006-2009, Best Live Act 2006). In 2010, Boo decided he’d had enough and the band was no more. We played our last show at Geno’s on 9/25/2010 to release our “final” album, which can be downloaded for whatever price you want on our bandcamp page.

We all remained friends and, in 2012, started having regular practices again. The band is different now. We’ve decided that we’ll probably only play a couple shows a year, but have started working towards releasing new music… including the long lost “The Corpse In The Mattress Motor Lodge” concept album that we hope to finish as soon as time and money allow.