Corpse Release date and Coffee download

Our long-awaited, 5-year-in-the-making, concept album will be released on November 28, 2015 by Deporter Records. It will be a 2 CD set with a radio-play and the soundtrack. We’ll be playing a show at Geno’s in Portland on November 28 to celebrate.


Here’s the cover art and track listing for those interested:

Disc 1 – The Soundtrack:
1. Pterodactyl Sex Face Blues
2. Scared To Death Of The Living Dead
3. Corpse In The Mattress Motor Lodge
4. Necro Comic Con
5. A Brother’s Beevenge
6. Five Hair Breakfast
7. Forget What You Heard (Death Is Not Awesome)
8. Gonna Need Some Coffee
9. The Pizza Man Cometh
10. Why’d You Kill Ed?
11. Blood (The Housekeepers Lament)
12. Fingerprints
13. Fuck The Moon
Disc 2 – The Radio-Play:
1. Corpse In The Mattress Motor Lodge

In other Bees news, we recently got to perform on 207. Everyone at the show was amazing and I don’t think they’ve ever seen anything quite like us. We got to play the Coffee song while all wearing costumes. Happy Halloween!!! Check out what we did here.

But that’s not all! Right now you can get the Coffee song for free! It’s up for pay-what-you-want on bandcamp. Soon, preorders will be up for the disc too. It’s a good time to be a bee.

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